ITI wants to inform you what is going on - Day 1 to Day 5
You may not be able to watch the General Assembly Special Edition every day. The General Secretariat will record every day´s session and makes it accessible as fast as possible. That is why the General Secretariat intends to put the recording of the Day on this website no later than the next day.

This means that if you miss a day, you may watch it no later than the next day. In an unedited version, just like it happened.

Watch Special Edition Day by Day

Moreover, at a later date you may check this website for:
Individual Keynote Speeches

Individual Centre Presentations

Individual Committee, Forum and Network Presentations

Individual Presentation of Partner Organizations

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ITI wants to inform the ITI Members what is going on – Day 6, the Internal Meeting
The recording of the Internal Meeting will be made available online over a login to the ITI Centres and ITI Cooperating Members only. It will be announced to the Centres and Cooperating Members when it is ready online.