Saturday, 12 December 2020
Arab Countries: Dubai Time, 17h00 - 20h00 (GMT +4)

Attention to time zones.

    • Different Time Zones
    • Arab Countries: Dubai Time
      17h00 - 20h00 (GMT +4)
  • Time Zone
    Africa: Ouagadougou Time
    Dubai Time, 17h00 - 20h00
    13h00 - 16h00 GMT +0
  • Time Zone
    Americas: New York Time
    Dubai Time, 17h00 - 20h00
    08h00 - 11h00 GMT -5
  • Time Zone
    Asia Pacific: Shanghai Time
    Dubai Time, 17h00 - 20h00
    21h00 - 00h00 GMT +8
  • Time Zone
    Europe: Paris Time
    Dubai Time, 17h00 - 20h00
    14h00 - 17h00 GMT +1
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Saturday, 12 December – Day 3
3 hours

Presentations & Interaction

Moderated by Fabio TOLLEDI, Vice-President of ITI

CHEN Zhongwen, Deputy DG of ITI, opens Day 3

Presentations (5 mins each)
• ITI Centres
• ITI Committees, Forums & Networks
• ITI Partner Organizations
• Special Project

Presentation Draft List
Belgium Wallonia (Europe)
Congo Republic (Africa)
Finland (Europe)
France (Europe)
Ghana (Africa)
Georgia (Europe)
Hungary (Europe)
India (Asia Pacific)
Iran (Asia Pacific)
Ivory Coast (Africa)
Jordan (Arab Countries)
Kuwait (Arab Countries)
Madagascar (Africa)
Mongolia (Asia Pacific)
Montenegro (Europe)

Committees, Forums, Networks
• International Playwrights' Forum IPF
• Forum Theatre Training & Education FTTE
• Traditional Performing Arts Forum TPAF

Partner Organizations
• ASSITEJ - International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People
• FIRT-IFTR - International Federation for Theatre Research
• IDEA - International Drama/Theatre & Education Association
• IMC - International Music Council
• WPI - Women Playwrights International

Special Project (1)
• ITI/UNESCO World Performing Arts Capital

Break (10 mins)

Interaction (30 mins)
(Discussions, Questions & Answers)

Closing Statement
Fabio TOLLEDI, Vice-President of ITI

Announcement of the programme of Day 4