Sunday, 13 December 2020
Asia Pacific: Shanghai Time, 21h00 - 00h00 (GMT+9)

Attention to time zones.

    • Different Time Zones
    • Asia Pacific: Shanghai Time
      21h00 - 00h00 (GMT+9)
  • Time Zone
    Africa: Ouagadougou Time
    Shanghai Time, 21h00 - 00h00
    13h00 - 16h00 GMT +0
  • Time Zone
    Americas: New York Time
    Shanghai Time, 21h00 - 00h00
    08h00 - 11h00 GMT -5
  • Time Zone
    Arab Countries: Dubai Time
    Shanghai Time, 21h00 - 00h00
    17h00 - 20h00 GMT +4
  • Time Zone
    Europe: Paris Time
    Shanghai Time, 21h00 - 00h00
    14h00 - 17h00 GMT +1
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Sunday, 13 December – Day 4
3 hours

Presentations & Interaction

Moderated by Ali MAHDI NOURII, Secretary of ITI

CHEN Zhongwen, Deputy DG of ITI, opens Day 4

Presentations (5 mins each)
• ITI Centres
• ITI Committees, Forums & Networks
• ITI Partner Organizations
• Special Project

Presentation Draft List
Germany (Europe)
Israel (Asia Pacific)
Italy (Europe)
Japan (Asia Pacific)
Korea Republic(Asia Pacific)
Kosovo (Europe)
Latvia (Europe)
Mali (Africa)
Morocco (Arab Countries /Africa)
Netherlands (Europe)
Nigeria (Africa)
Palestine (Arab Countries)
Philippines (Asia Pacific)
Uganda (Africa)
Zimbabwe (Africa)

Committees, Forums, Networks
• Action Committee for Artist Rights ACAR
• Social Change Network SCN
• Network for Heritage, Indigenous Cultures & Migration N-HIM
• Theatre in Conflict Zones Network TCZN

Partner Organizations
• AITU-IUTA - International University Theatre Association
• APB - Asia-Pacific Bond of Theatre Schools
• SIBMAS - International Society of Libraries and Museums for the Performing Arts
• TWB - Theatre Without Borders

Special Project
• World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI

Break (10 mins)

Interaction (30 mins)
(Discussions, Questions & Answers)

Closing Statement
Ali MAHDI NOURI, Secretary of ITI

Announcement of the programme of Day 5