Here is the essential information about the ITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020

ITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020 – Day 1 to Day 5
Everybody can watch the Speeches and Presentations of these five Days.

  • Day 1 (10 December) consists of the Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speeches

  • Day 2 to Day 5 (11-14 December) consist of Presentations of ITI Centres, ITI Committees, Forums & Networks plus Partner Organizations of ITI

  • Suppose you just intend to attend one or more days for being informed, you do not need to register, just follow the link published on this website of the Day or Days you would like to attend. It will give you the possibility to watch.

  • Suppose you would additionally like to ask questions over the Chat Function of Zoom, you need to register. But your picture will not appear on the Zoom screen.

  • Suppose you are one of the three members of an ITI Centre, an ITI Committee or a Partner Organization that is on the list of a Day: In that case, you can participate in the appropriate presentation and in the Q & A of that Day. But you need to be selected by your Centre, Committee or Partner Organization. Your picture will appear on the Zoom Screen. You may ask questions over the Chat Function of Zoom. You must register.

ITI General Assembly Special Edition 2020 / Internal Meeting – Day 6
This part is only available for members of ITI Centres and ITI Cooperating Members.

  • Day 6 (15 December) consists of information of on-going work of ITI worldwide, future plans and the next ITI World Congress. It includes a Q & A period at the end.

  • Suppose you are the head of delegations of your Centre or of your Cooperating Member Organization.Then you need to register as such. You will have the possibility to participate. Your picture will be on the screen. You may ask question over Chat Function of Zoom.

  • Suppose you are a member of a Centre or of a Cooperating Member of ITI, but not the head of delegation. Then you can attend the meeting but cannot participate. You need to register. Your portrait will not be on the screen. You may ask questions over the Chat Function of Zoom.

With this differentiation ITI intends to give voice to the head of delegations. ITI intends to give someone the possibility of asking questions over the Chat Function of Zoom. If the question is not taken up during the Zoom session, the ITI headquarter will try to answer the questions of the session in due time.

All the details of how to register will become apparent when you fill out the Registration Form that is available in English and French.

If there are any questions please write to

Last day for Registration: Sunday, 6 December 2020

The preferred way of registration is via the links below.
If that is not possible, or if you have any questions, please write to:

>>Link for the registration form in English
>>Link for the registration form in French

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