Presentation Draft List (subject to change)
    • Day 2
      Friday, 11 December 2020
    • Day 3
      Saturday, 12 December 2020
    • Day 4
      Sunday, 13 December 2020
    • Day 5
      Monday, 14 December 2020
  • ITI Centres
  • Algeria (Arab Countries / Africa)
    Armenia (Europe)
    Austria (Europe)
    Bangladesh (Asia Pacific)
    China (Asia Pacific)
    Congo Republic (Africa)
    Croatia (Europe)
    Cuba (The Americas)
    Cyprus (Europe)
    Czech Republic (Europe)
    Egypt (Arab Countries / Africa)
    Estonia (Europe)
    United Arab Emirates (Arab Countries)
    USA (The Americas)
    Belgium Wallonia (Europe)
    Congo Republic (Africa)
    Finland (Europe)
    France (Europe)
    Ghana (Africa)
    Georgia (Europe)
    Hungary (Europe)
    India (Asia Pacific)
    Iran (Asia Pacific)
    Ivory Coast (Africa)
    Jordan (Arab Countries)
    Kuwait (Arab Countries)
    Madagascar (Africa)
    Mongolia (Asia Pacific)
    Montenegro (Europe)
    Germany (Europe)
    Israel (Asia Pacific)
    Italy (Europe)
    Japan (Asia Pacific)
    Korea Republic(Asia Pacific)
    Kosovo (Europe)
    Latvia (Europe)
    Mali (Africa)
    Morocco (Arab Countries /Africa)
    Netherlands (Europe)
    Nigeria (Africa)
    Palestine (Arab Countries)
    Philippines (Asia Pacific)
    Uganda (Africa)
    Zimbabwe (Africa)
    Brazil (The Americas)
    Burkina Faso (Africa)
    Mexico (The Americas)
    North Macedonia (Europe)
    Russia (Europe / Asia Pacific)
    Saudi Arabia (Arab Countries)
    Slovakia (Europe)
    Slovenia (Europe)
    Spain (Europe)
    Sri Lanka (Asia Pacific)
    Sudan (Arab Countries / Africa)
    Sweden (Europe)
    Switzerland (Europe)
    Syria (Arab Countries)
    Togo (Africa)
    United Kingdom (Europe)
    Venezuela (The Americas)
    Vietnam (Asia Pacific)
    Yemen (Arab Countries)
    Colombia (The Americas)
  • ITI Committees, Forums & Networks
  • International Monodrama Forum IMF

    ITI Publications Committee IPC

    Music Theatre NOW Network MTNN

    Traditional Performing Arts Forum TPAF

    International Playwrights' Forum IPF

    Forum Theatre Training & Education FTTE

    Action Committee for Artist Rights ACAR

    Social Change Network SCN

    Network for Heritage, Indigenous Cultures & Migration N-HIM

    Theatre in Conflict Zones Network TCZN

    International Dance Committee IDC

    iSTAN International Stage Art Network

    Network of Emerging Arts Professionals NEAP

  • Partner Organizations
  • AICT-IACT - International Association of Theatre Critics

    AITA-IATA - International Amateur Theatre Association

    ATI - Arab Theatre Institute

    ETC - European Theatre Convention

    OISTAT - International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians

    FEDEC - European Federation of Professional Circus Schools

    ASSITEJ - International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People

    FIRT-IFTR - International Federation for Theatre Research

    IDEA - International Drama/Theatre & Education Association

    IMC - International Music Council

    WPI - Women Playwrights International

    AITU-IUTA - International University Theatre Association


    SIBMAS - International Society of Libraries and Museums for the Performing Arts

    TWB - Theatre Without Borders

    INTiP - International Network of Theatre in Prison

    UNIMA - International Puppeteers Union

    WDA - World Dance Alliance

    WMO - World Mime Organization

  • Special Project
  • ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts
    ITI/UNESCO World Performing Arts Capital
    World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI