Theme of the Congress
Empowering the Performing Arts – A Journey to Xiju

The 33rd ITI World Congress was a milestone in the history of ITI World Congresses. It had the highest attendance of ITI Members, local and international artists and guests. It was rich in Chinese Xiju performances, hence the theme. It was the first time ITI offered to the delegates a multitude of workshops, masterclasses, seminars and presentation. It offered an international Conference and as usual time for the General Assembly, Committee Meetings and keynote speeches. To give the General Assembly an artistic touch, Chinese Xiju artists – dancers, singers, puppeteers and actors were showing short performances which was very well received.

The new Concept of an ITI World Congress in Xiamen insisted on core values of ITI. The Congress should concentrate on:
- Inspiration – with local performances, joint international performances, discussions and exchanges with colleagues;
- Inclusiveness – young, elderly, people from all continents, special guests, delegates and artists;
- Transparency – in all the activities and endeavours;
- Collaboration – between members, project groups, centres – the whole structure of ITI and beyond.
According to the remarks of the participants, the Congress was one of the most memorable – thanks to the host and to the participants-“ (Quoted after the Introduction of the DG´s Congress Report for Xiamen”.

Tobias Biancone