Theme of the Congress
New Voices, New Audiences: Time for Dialogue!

The 34th ITI World Congress continued to focus on the artistic, educational and humanistic activities with a local “window” of Armenian performances, international workshops, masterclasses and presentations. During the statutory part, the General Assembly unanimously approved the relocation of the headquarters from Paris to Shanghai, including keeping the tradition of having an office for the General Secretariat at UNESCO in Paris. For the first time, ITI organized an Open Space in which all participants of the Congress could participate and voice their visions and opinions about ITI´s future.

For the photos of the 34th ITI World Congress in Yerevan, Armenia, please click here.

For the first time, the members of the new ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts participated with a conference on the theme of the Congress: “New Voices, New Audiences: Time for Dialogue!” and additionally held an administrative meeting. The focus of the Congress was to discuss a better future for ITI on a local and global scale. Following the theme of the Congress ITI started to open the doors for the young and emerging artists as well as to new member Centres. New voices were heard. New viewpoints of how ITI and its members could help the performing arts communities all over the world to reach new audiences were conceived. The Congress was open for dialogue in an inclusive, inspiring and transparent form!”

Tobias Biancone